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  Shanghai Fuxu Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. a high and new technology company, is major in research, development, production, sale, and services of zeolite molecular sieves used for adsorbents and catalysts.  Rich human resources and strong technology background lead to the the development with the independent property rights on the products£¬such as high silica zeolite powder and adsorbents, binder-free hydrophobic adsorbent and high-silica selective zeolite catalysts. Except the environmental protection, these products are also successfully used in the petroleum refinement, alcohol dehydration catalysis, isomers adsorption separation in the industry fields of petroleum chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical£¬new energy source, and nation defense equipment etc.
  ¡°high quality & good creditability¡± and ¡°excellent performance & innovation¡±are the principle for the company management and development. 


Add£º2938 bai-shi Road.Qingpu ,China. P.C:201711 Tel :021-59211561, 59211291 Fax :021-59211012 E-mail: